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Jessee Lin

Rose / Spruce / Mustard Patchwork Sweater Coat (M / L)

Rose / Spruce / Mustard Patchwork Sweater Coat (M / L)

This up cycled patchwork sweater coat features Spruce rolled hem stitches on the outside with a playfully long hood.  Fun mixed textures and patterns.

Colors: Rose, Spruce, Mustard, Maroon, & White

Patterns: Stripes, Argyle & Flowers

Size: M / L

Bust: 40"

Waist: 36"

Sleeve length from shoulder: 24"

Skirting from waist: 19"

Materials: Cotton, Acrylic & Nylon

Front closure style: Buttons

Sleeve style: Fitted with decorative buttons

Long hood can be wrapped around the neck as a scarf, let it hang or fasten it up under the left arm.  Use the added button at the left shoulder and loop at the end of the hood to fasten up the hood and to help hold it when wrapped around the neck as a scarf.

100% recycled materials.

All materials are washed with hot water to have them shrink fully. 

Don't hang the coat for long term storage, keep it folded.

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