About Mystical Moon Acres

Handmade jewelry from crystals, copper, bronze, sterling, and silverware.
For those of you that don't know me, here's a little introduction.
       Mystical Moon Acres consists of an earth-bermed house on a five acre mini farm. I use organic, sustainable, and biodynamic principles on my land and in my life. I grow my food and many different herbs for my medicinal uses. Because I am so close to the earth, I do my best to not harm Mother Nature or use products, in my craft, that will. All my creations are made of sterling silver, rose gold, copper, brass, bronze, leather, crystals, and semi-precious gemstones.
 I am also an Energy Touch student graduate, which involved three years of training. I have received a diploma from the Naturopathic Institute of Therapy and Education, as a Naturopathic Educator. I incorporate, both the energy and the natural healing properties into the products I create, believing they should be healthy and beautiful. 
 I love raw gemstones and I like the organic feel of natural materials. I solder sterling silver, to frame the stone’s individual shape, leaving as much open as possible for skin contact to maximize the absorption of the frequencies to aid who wears it..   
I love participating in the themed shows with the costumes, entertainment, music and reenactments. Medieval, Renaissance, Pirate, Faery, Princess, Steampunk, etc and enjoying the fantasy. I mean who doesn’t love dragons, unicorns and faeries?
             Jane Feutz
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